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Sarah Mayberry
Program Manager sarah_becstaffpic

What made you get involved in tobacco-free work?
Out of college I was lucky to land a role of District Tobacco Coordinator for Oxford County, housed at Healthy Oxford Hills.
I realized in that position that I loved working on tobacco-free environment policies and even attended a full Smoke-Free Housing Coalition meeting on my second day! I believe strongly in creating smoke and tobacco-free environments that protect everyone from secondhand smoke and enjoy being part of creating a healthier
Maine one policy at a time.

What is your favorite tobacco-free environment?
Beyond loving my smoke-free home, it always makes me happy to see smoke and tobacco-free signage but I really love recreational areas with strong policies (beaches, parks, etc) so we are creating positive healthy social norms for youth!

How long have you been involved with BEC?
I have served as the Program Coordinator since 2010 and previously was a member of the Coalition Executive Committee when working at Healthy Androscoggin from 2008-2010.


BEC staff member MegMeg Nadeau
Program Coordinator

What inspires you about tobacco-free work?
I am inspired to help organizations continue to adopt tobacco-free policies that protect places state law doesn’t cover to help keep the
air and environment free from the dangers of secondhand smoke.  I am also inspired to educate people around the issue of tobacco and the importance of creating tobacco-free policies, many people don’t realize these policies help change the social norms around tobacco use.

What is your favorite tobacco-free environment?
There are too many to list, but one of my favorites is Rangeley Lake State Park.

How long have you been involved with BEC?
I was initially involved as a BEC Coalition member from October 2011-April 2015 during employment stints at two of the Healthy Maine Partnerships in York County (Choose To Be Healthy & Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition).  I started as a staff member in May 2015 and love it!