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We Challenge All Mainers!

Protect your family and loved ones from the health risks of secondhand smoke.

Take the Smoke-Free Home Pledge today!

Pledge today to keep your home smoke-free. By taking this pledge, you are committing to keep your home smoke-free and making your family and home healthier by removing secondhand smoke.

I, , on , pledge to protect myself and others from the health risks of secondhand smoke by keeping my home smoke-free.

Before now, was smoking allowed in your home (by family or visitors)?YesNo

Do you have children under the age of 18 living in the home?YesNo

I live in a(n):Single family houseApartmentCondoCo-opTownhouseMobile HomeOther

If you live in an apartment, multi-unit building or other rental unit, does your building have a written smoke-free policy?YesNo

How did you learn about the smoke-free pledge?

If "Other", enter source below:

Get a Smoke-Free Kit – Complete the pledge and be eligible to sign up and receive your free smoke-free home kit.

Thinking About Quitting? – Take the first step. For more information, visit thequitlink.com or call the Maine Tobacco HelpLine at 1-800-207-1230.

The Smoke-Free Homes Pledge is a program from the Smoke-Free Housing Coalition at the Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine.