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Maine’s Medical Marijuana Law

In 2010, the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act (MMUMA) was enacted. This law allows the use of marijuana for medical reasons it also states “a landlord or business owner may prohibit the smoking of marijuana for medical purposes on the premises, if the landlords or business owner prohibits all smoking on the premises and posts notice to that effect on the premises.”

If a landlord or property owner/manager has a written 100% smoke-free policy for a multi-unit housing building, this also prohibits the smoking of medical marijuana. It is best practice to also include marijuana in the definition of smoke-free. See our sample smoke-free lease/policy language.

Special Considerations for Public & Subsidized Housing

Public and subsidized housing have the same rights as market rate housing owners/managers to adopt smoke-free policies. The smoking of marijuana for medical or recreational reasons is not allowed in federally-supported housing.

Additional Information

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program Rules– see Section 2.3.2



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